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The "Guntur Tobacco Market Committee" was originally constituted in the year 1939 under the Madras commercial crops Act 1933 for the prime purpose of regulation of trade of Tobacco in Guntur district. It was later re-designated as the "Guntur Market Committee", and the constitution of the Agricultural Market Committee, Guntur came into effect from 02-06-1969 under the integrated Market Act namely "Andhra Pradesh (AP&LS) Markets Act, 1966. The Market Yard is located at a distance of about 5 K.M from the heart of the town Guntur, spreading over 49.73 acres in between National Highway and State Highway on either side of it, the first being the Guntur, Madras highway on the Southern side and the other being the Guntur, Nagarjunasagar route on the Northern side. The Guntur market is highly reputed for the regulation of trade of chillies and is the biggest market in Asia for the purchase and sale of dry chillies with imports coming from all over the State and also first in the A.P. State in the earnings of Market Fee among the Market Committees in the State. More than 580 Commission Agents as selling agents on behalf of chilly farmers and 375 chilliy purchasers and Exporters are doing business in the Market Yard, Guntur. During last year 1000 crores worth of chillies business is taking place in the market yard as against 600 crores every year.

The important commodities of the Agrl. Market Committee, Guntur are Chillies, cotton, paddy, pulses etc. The system of sale in Guntur Market Yard is running on commission agent system. Chillies centralization of trade has been taken up prior to inception of this Act and the trade was carried on commission agent system and continued till today. Chillies brought to the Market Yard are sold in an open auction (Sale by sample). Farmer chillies stocks Chillies arriving at the Market yard, Guntur to the shops of the commission agents are recorded in the arrival register. The commission agents arrange the stocks in their shops in lots for sale duly keeping sample of chilly on the bag exhibiting each lot grower wise for sale. The sales of chillies in the Market Yard will commence only after the completion of model auction at 7.00 A.M conducted by Market Committee Staff. The sale price will be announced through public announcement system i.e., mike. There after Traders will be permitted to purchase the chillies by seeing the sample in negotiations with the farmers in the presence or Market Committee Employee.